The Bible is the central document to our faith. It is imperative that we not only read it but that we ultimately apply it to our everyday life. In order to build a life that lives the legacy of God’s word  we must:
  • ACCEPT its authority.
  • ASSIMILATE its truths
  • APPLY its principles.
The information contained on this page are designed to assist you in your pursuit of applying the principles of the BIble. Right+click to download the files.
To the right is a series image you can save and use as your wallpaper on your smart phone.
Below you can find other resources including a scripture memory graphic you can use as your smartphone lockscreen wallpaper. One suggestion wouldd be to use it as the lock screen background on your kids phone and have them work on memorizing the scripture each week. Establish a reward for doing so each week.
Week 1 Memory Verse
Week 1 Bible Reading Bookmark: